Behind the App


Dr. David Dunlap, 10+ years in practice, active physician began concepting "What's My Rash?" after his physician assistant, Sarah, asked for his help evaluating a puzzling rash. It took one question to the patient, "Did you recently have Strep throat?" to make the diagnosis of guttate psoriasis. Later that week he realized there wasn't an "app for that" and thought one might be helpful to people both within and outside of the medical community.

Contact: Dr. David Dunlap

The website and app are intended to educate users about common skin conditions and help them in their own quests for diagnosis and treatment.

Elettro Interactive is a leading new media agency specializing full service project production including: Planning, Information Architecture (I.A.), Graphic Artwork, Frontend HTML and backend code writing. Specifically .ASP/.Net, .php, & JAVA, and integration with top social networking sites like FaceBook Connect, Twitter, YouTube, WordPress. Add to all that having all of these different functionalities running through mobile iPhone and Google Android Apps. 

Contact: Elettro Interactive

Elettro is the creator of the Photo Voting Contest Platform. Elettro has produced dozens of contests, managing millions of photos rated monthly, user registration management, content screening, and a wealth of contest management.

iPhone Apps are a large focus of our development in 2010. We look forward to helping brands extend their web content onto this new platform, and enable their users to have a more indepth experience with a brand with the "One Two punch" of Web and Mobile Marketing working together.